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Why Gaeta and Dee Should Be Frakking Picspam -- Part Two

Part two of the picspam.

Image Sources: BSG-Caps, BSG Media, Scifi, extant, & circe


Part One
Part Two

6. They make the weirdest expressions around each other.

Gaeta looks at Dee funny.

Dee intensely stares at Gaeta.

Gaeta not-cries.

Dee glowers.

Gaeta does sneaky eyes.

Dee imitates Tigh.

7. When the camera is focused on one, you can often see the other in the background.

Dee's in the background.

Dee's in the background again.

Gaeta's in the background.

Dee again.

I've come to the conclusion that if the Galactica were to be flipped onto it's side, Gaeta or Dee would fly to the opposite end of the CIC and land on each other.

8. They gossip.

They gossip about Dee's frak-life and Gaeta learns something interesting.

They gossip about Adama and Roslin. When they get caught, they get into trouble with Tigh.

They gossip about a habitable planet. Gaeta gossips while naked and Dee enjoys the view.

9. The bathroom is their version of the bedroom.

Hot bathroom Dee.

Hot bathroom Gaeta.


Double guh...

Naked Gaeta.

Dee takes a peek.

10. They practice their hate-ons as a team.

Dee hates Kara and Lee.

Gaeta and Dee hates Kara and Lee.

Gaeta hates Tigh.

Dee and Gaeta hates Tigh.

Gaeta and Dee hates Tigh again. This time for interrupting their gossiping.
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