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Why Gaeta and Dee Should Be Frakking Picspam -- Part One

Here is the first part of a picspam, which shallowly explains why Gaeta and Dee should be frakking on the show.

Image Sources: BSG-Caps, BSG Media, Scifi, extant, & circe

1. They are constantly invading each other's personal space.

This was inspired by a comment made by zimrahil in her Gaeta podcast. ;)

They're practically touching back-to-front here.

They're so close that Dee wouldn't even have to support her own weight to stand-up.

Gaeta is leaning way into Dee's seat and Dee doesn't seem to mind.

Although, Gaeta is leaning against Helo now. Helo looks pained.

Look at this. Gaeta is sidled right up to Dee here.

Their arms are crossing over onto the other's side of the box. This is a really odd way for two people to lift something together.

Gaeta's right on Dee's back again.

Seriously, who stands this close together in the bathroom?!?!

If Dee wasn't sitting on the table, Gaeta would be up against her back again.

2. They are both useful in a difficult situation.

Adama gets shot. Lee uselessly screams at his injured daddy. While this is happening, Gaeta calls for help.

Dee comforts.

3. Even when they do not interact, they are generally within a close proximity of each other.

Dee hugs and Gaeta chats in the background.

Dee fiddles with the electronic thingy. Gaeta just stands there for no reason whatsoever.

Dee stands, while Gaeta drinks and smokes in the background.

4. They only smile properly when they are around each other.

Dee smiles.

Gaeta smiles wickedly.

Gaeta and Dee smile.

Gaeta smiles.

Dee sort of smiles.

Gaeta and Dee smiles together, while losing all their money and getting drunk on ambrosia.

5. They can dance.

Gaeta dances comically.

Dee dances with a giant.

Dee and Gaeta dances enthusiastically.
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