40 Acres & a Strip Club (poisontaster) wrote in north__star,
40 Acres & a Strip Club

Fic: Concordance (Arc One)

Title: Concordance
Author: poisontaster
Series: Arc One (16/?)
Pairing: Gaeta/Dee
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language.
Spoilers: Only through "Pegasus" (S1).
Word Count: 2, 129
AN: Part of Arc One, my long-suffering BSG work in progress. Familiarity is definitely necessary. This is for ingridmatthews, who inspires me in so many different ways and rap541, who never gave up hope.

"He didn't want to be seen," she murmurs aloud, trying the words out. Framing them.

Which raises the question…why not?

Like her, most of the crew knows that Felix and Baltar worked together; it doesn't seem completely outré that Baltar would visit. Since the Fall, casual acquaintanceships have acquired new depths. They've lost so many; it only makes sense that the remaining survivors huddle more closely.

Unless Baltar has some reason to keep his association with Felix secret.
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