Tiramisu (msloserrific) wrote in north__star,

Preview Blurb for Sunday's BSG Ep

For the spoiler-phobes, I put it under a cut.

Sunday Feb. 11 at 9/8C

Helo suspects a doctor on the Galactica of killing patients, and he fears that Dualla might be next.
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Ack! I hope nothing happens to her. I'm really looking forward to this episode, though.
If she dies, we riot! (serious.)
Wow. The first part I'd seen before, but the second part is new. Thanks!
No prob!
I heard they recently changed it. Before I remember reading that Hot Dog was the one who was going to suffer under the Doctor's care. I'm jazzed at the change and hope we see some good Dee scenes!
I know - thank goodness! And look - no Apollo mentioned!
Woo hoo! Independent wo-maan! lol
Hotdog actually gets sick as well.
Apparently in RDM podcast he mentions some additional scenes for Kandyse that were cut from the episode that would have further highlighted how her choice of a military career was considered a betrayal by some of her people, and not just a bad choice in her father's eyes.

I like Dee's relationship with Lee, but I'm also very pleased to see that the writers are giving Dee some consideration and a personal story all of her own that is independent from Lee. It's a pity that we didn't get to see as much of her as originally intended in ths episode, but she's still a viable character in her own right, and not just pigeon-holed into the stereotypcial girlfriend/wife role.
That's great, but it sucks we don't get to see it :(
Hopefully those scenes will at least be included in the DVD release.
They'd better be!!